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i’ve been major artblocked lately so here is this that i managed to make myself draw

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Designer Princess iphone backgrounds

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Hakuei Ren || Magi: The Kingdom of Magic 

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The five years I’ve spent with you…I’ve been watching you that whole time. Living by the sea, just as I’ve come to understand the sea, I think I’m starting to understand you as well. I’ve come to know when you’ll get angry, laugh, and cry. And I feel that your feelings are for me now. Did I understand wrong?

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Every Monday, the fun times and moments of understanding she’s had with others are reset, and she starts over from the beginning. She doesn’t want to feel that, and that’s why she never tries to make any friends. But I know the truth. Fujimiya-san actually wants friends more than anyone. That’s why I decided right then, to say it as often as I had to.

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Artist  //  tsuitao